Full Moon in Capricorn – Out of Time

The Full Moon in Capricorn tempers the steep momentum and confidence in personal power by unceremoniously eliminating an element whose presence in our lives has produced chaos and disorder. The effects of this last phase will be felt by the end of the year, and attempts to resurrect what has already lost its vitality, soul, meaning or purpose are futile. The failure of a relationship, plan or professional project brings us closer to the individual path and our true mission, salvation.

The Full Moon in square with Mars in Aries activates the most aggressive and destructive impulses, breaking down the barriers of reason and taking in possession even the calmest, most peaceful and harmless of us. The rigidity of ideologies, systems, beliefs causes a deeper schism, and anger and revolt are born spontaneously and manifest instantly. Everything that no longer is useful to progress, man or society must disappear to make way for the new, the useful, the future.

Saturn rx in Capricorn, the ruler of the Full Moon, in conjunction with Jupiter rx in Capricorn, recreates the same discussions, behaviors, reactions that we know very well and that are repeated infinitely in a timeless loop. Time seems to contract and expand before our eyes, the past merging with the present in a painfully real picture. Frustration and helplessness, the weight of feelings and lack of perspective push on consciences burdened with ignorance, insensitivity, greed and egolatry.

Venus in Gemini in sextile with Mars in Aries entices us to believe in the illusion of the normal and in the pleasure of the moment, leaving us in the throes of hedonism and ignoring successive crises and collective convulsions. Free will, this pipe dream of modern man, is reduced to minor, superficial, everyday choices, thus wasting its liberating and healing potential. The energy invested in duplicitous relationships, in lies and double scenarios is lost and with it the possibility of a real, fundamental change, so necessary in these suspended times.

Mercury rx in Cancer in square with Mars in Aries continues the déjà vu theme that we all experience as a movie on repeat mode. The long-awaited ending returns to the beginning and we re-enter in the skin of the characters we know in depth. Discussions on recurring topics whose familiar miasma make us uneasy end either in heated quarrels or hysterical cries, without any saving solution emerging from mental tension and agitation. The armistices concluded now will not last more than a week and we will soon return to the battle with even more pathos.

Flowers of Evil, Yoann Lossel, 2014