Full Moon in Aquarius – Providential Hand

The Full Moon in Aquarius frees us from the past conditions based on which we kneaded the dough of life and pushes us to confront the most fierce enemies of growing, egocentrism and pride. The carelessness with which we distort the universal messages of the Aquarius and use them to further hide behind the existential leonine perfection denotes both escapism and major hubris. The emotional detachment specific to the fixed air sign causes an aggressive reaction, masked with sweet and affectionate words, in those who see their future plans endangered by the changed and radical attitude of those who wish to be treated with more humanity.

The feeling of optimism and generosity that animates the interactions on the surface and creates a state of well-being hides fundamental problems whose solution can not be found neither in the inspirational quotes, nor in the motivational stories with which we gratify ourselves and those around us. The multiple benef aspects from the 4 planets in Leo – Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars – to Jupiter in Sagittarius, just waking up from the retrograde phase, creates the false impression that what has come to the surface in recent months was just an unfortunate event and that we can continue our lives rejoicing that we have escaped safely from the grip of celestial influences.

The ruler of the Full Moon in Aquarius, Saturn rx in Capricorn, does not make any aspect with any other planet, which is why we are tempted to believe that what was so difficult and unpleasant to experience in the previous period has no longer any effect on us. In fact, Saturn is preparing the test that we will take in the second half of September, when we will have to prove that all the lessons have been learned and that we have changed not only apparently, but also essentially. Those who will fail this exam will be those who do not seriously and consciously deal with the issues that have been activated by the various planetary transits to Saturn.

The sextile of the Full Moon in Aquarius to Jupiter in Sagittarius confirms the profound transformation of which we are careful witnesses and strengthens the need to be devoted not only to our own path, but also to those teachings whose meaning we can only now understand. Coming out of one’s personal space and entering the transpersonal area, accessible through prayer, religious and spiritual practices and authentic faith, means not only a more real and more sincere relationship with the sacred, but also the surrender to the divine will whose providential hand gives us support and relief in the darkest hours.

Hand of God the Father, Albrecht Durer, 1508