Capricorn Full Moon – The Secret

Capricorn Full Moon thwarts ambitious plans springing from megalomania, power obsession and fear of change, dramatically overturning careers, relationships and outdated values. Marking one of the milestones of Saturn’s transit, the Capricorn Full Moon represents a turning point on the path marked by destiny from the very beginning, resuming a complex theme whose development extends over many years in the past and in the future.

Capricorn Full Moon in conjunction with Pluto rx exposes a personal or family secret that we would have preferred not to know or never reveal, and which completes the already complicated picture of relationships and emotional connections. From desire and passion to hatred and contempt, from the maniacality of compulsion to possession by affect, from the opacity of the dominator to the humiliation, shame and guilt of the dominated, the Plutonian registry serves us an abundant portion of the inevitable consequences of our ignorance, indifference and rigidity.

Mercury in Cancer opposed to Capricorn Full Moon instigates spontaneous confessions that act as a boomerang for those who want to calm or ease their conscience, believing that through apparent sincerity they will gain the goodwill, understanding or sympathy of others. In reality, the shock of confessions will dynamite the last piece of trust on which the comfort zone was already swaying, collapsing in betrayal, disappointment and suffering.

Saturn rx in Aquarius, the ruler of Capricorn Full Moon, in trine with Venus in Gemini, demands clear evidence of an officially or verbally assumed commitment whose clauses seem to change according to the desires and whims of the moment. Without a choice that eliminates the temptation of possibilities and potential, we cannot inspire seriousness and stability, being left behind by those who want to know who and what they can rely on in the journey of life.

Although Saturn gets direct at the end of October, all our efforts to mature and consolidate contribute to the last stage of Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, the one in which we will be tested and verified. Refusal, ignorance and pride are not acceptable reasons to come out of a difficult ordeal and the late regrets will not change the result or the consequences of one’s actions.

Study on the unconscious by Botezatu Petru