Cancer New Moon – Sensitive Point

The Cancer New Moon metabolizes the substances of the unconscious and arranges them into three-dimensional models that crystallize into concrete experiences, marked in some places by strong feelings, vivid memories and regressions at an early age. The sensitive point is stimulated by the feeling of emotional, physical or financial security, and frustration, disappointment and sadness are companions for bad weather.

Mercury in Gemini in trine with Jupiter rx in Pisces proliferates ideas and concepts, possibilities and opportunities to open a new era in the personal journey, but sometimes the abundance of plans creates the opposite effect, namely the rapid burning and the jump to the next great discovery. The mutability of the two signs is favorable to the theory, not to its application, and between fantasy and reality lies efforts, commitment, work and determination.

Mars conjunct Venus in Leo relies on image, attitude and personal charm to move forward, act or convince, but on the surface only what is studied and used to triumph is seen. Strong will and social importance are not necessarily the guarantees of an extraordinary collaboration or a successful relationship, but more often than not tip the balance of power and abuse weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Venus in Leo opposed to Saturn rx in Aquarius tests the limits to which we can tolerate friction, dissatisfaction and sentimental or monetary restrictions, showing us not only the true value of others in our eyes, but also the appreciation that others involuntarily show us. Separation and rejection demonstrate immaturity and aggression, and the disappointments and projections that led from the shadow are part of Saturn’s lesson in character building. Cancer New Moon

Incursion into the Archaic by Gabriel Nicolae Obreja