Aries New Moon – The Trajectory

The Aries New Moon releases the energy we used to repress, discharge, or deny a reality of life that can no longer stand procrastination or ignorance. Doing, acting and daring are the mantra verbs around which a story begins to unfold that we would not have dared to believe possible years ago, but which has matured sufficiently in the personal unconscious and has acquired the consistency of a new chapter.

The Aries New Moon in conjunction with Mercury expels fragments of thoughts and ideas with the uncontrolled force of the primary impulse, leaving it up to us to put together the reasoning that makes this challenge possible. Although we sometimes become impatient with the progress and process required, it is important to remain calm and to reflect carefully on what destiny has in store for us. Mental resistance, stubbornness and pride are failures to adapt and mature and have a significant cost to our future.

Mars in Aquarius, the ruler of the New Moon, confirms that a conflict met with the values of freedom, equality and independence is morally, humanly and spiritually won. Any joint effort, group or collective, is a step forward on the long and difficult road to awareness, emancipation and improvement. The war with a weapon in hand is a relic of the bloody past that has left indelible marks on the memories of the generations that raised us, and those who do not understand that the future is only ahead are those who have failed the test of life.

Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius teaches us to be objective and calculated in the assessments we make and to make decisions thinking about the trajectory we want to imprint on our existence. The medium and long term future must be at the heart of our current concerns, and the constraints seen as a factor of growth and accountability, and not as a limitation. The restrictions we impose or are subject to are the consequences of either a superficial and chaotic lifestyle, or of decisions that were not taken at the right time and avoided.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces (April 7th-18th, 2022) aggravates the illusions that we have unconsciously or semi-consciously nurtured over the years, especially those that maintain a certain story to which we feel deeply connected. The idealization of a close person, the beautification of a relationship or the excuse of reprehensible behavior in the name of a deceptive spiritual evolution are symptoms of an imagination contaminated by the amorphous contents of the archetypal world and drowned in its own darkness.

The God of Cosmogonic Legends by Ioana Rădulescu