Aquarius New Moon – Personal Freedom

The Aquarius New Moon creates space for a new level of emotional independence, in line with the reality we have begun to build since December 2020. Contemplating the past and understanding what happened then through the eyes of the adult we are now helps rearrange and reorganize a series of concepts that will radically change the way we feel and behave, think and act.

The New Moon in conjunction with its ruler, Saturn in Aquarius, emphasizes the imminence of a necessary metamorphosis from the perspective of the soul in search of truth and personal freedom. The weak links in our attachments and fantasies break suddenly and beyond repair, leaving us for a moment to hang over the abyss created by the destructuring of the illusion. Personality fragments and residual energies initially create an emotional chaos that makes sense only under the careful and methodical magnifying glass of a connoisseur.

Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn takes care of our pragmatic needs too, not just the sentimental and relational ones. Anything that is not useful, clear and effective in the medium and long term is not considered to be an important part of the development of future plans. Seriousness and success, maturity and responsibility management are essential conditions in both heart and world’s matters. Demonstrations without practical evidence are equated with children’s games and treated as such, leaving no lasting impression on others.

Jupiter in Pisces in sextile with the conjunction Mars – Venus in Capricorn finds enough reason and resources to search for the deeper meanings of past and present experiences, creating a more nuanced picture of our lives. Qualities such as compassion, humanity, openness to spirituality, religion, or philosophy, acceptance of flaws and sacrifice in the name of expanding personality and consciousness, make the loss of innocence and the feeling of omnipotence less a tragedy and more a victory.

Mercury rx in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn lowers the mental level to the deepest layers of the unconscious, where the complexes of power, superiority and paternal have their abode. Meeting archetypal images, whether in dreams or daydreaming, psychotherapy or projection, can only be repairing if we are willing to admit the loss and to suffer consciously, thus healing not only some of our pain but also that of those who we once were.

Art by Unțanu Maria